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alright now

1. name- Jae
2.a/s/l- 16/female/PA
3.favorite bands- Blood brothers, neon blonde, every time i die, tilly and the wall, rilo kiley, gravy train. coheed, and such
4.least favorite bands- System of a down, Atreyu, Hawthorne heights you’re embarrassed to like- all american rejects, I just love tyson ritter<3
6.movies- Grind, eyes without a face, requiem for a dream, blow, i heart huckabees, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 
7.if you were an animal, what genus and species would you be? Panthera/uncia (snow leopard)
8.what are your views on fashion? Um, I like to see what other people are wearing to take pieces from each style.
9.what are your views on bandanas? They are fine, they don't bother me.
10.coke or pepsi? Coke, pepsi is too sweet.
11.tell us a story: Friday night I was with a bunch of kids and we found this carny that we ended up talking to and we saw that he had a belt buckle that said stuff that you could program on it so we tried to ask people for 20 dollars and then we finally got enough to buy it, and we asked what else he could sell us and he told us that he had "porno beads" which were a necklace that had like a guy jacking off or a girl sucking a cock at the end of it. So we went behind his little stand and he opened the door of his van and we all thought we were going to get kidnapped but he just went into the van and got the "porno beads" and we eventually bought one and it was a guy jacking off with a banana over his penis and finnally the carny wanted to know if he wanted to hot box in his van but we refused. And finnally we took a picture with him.

---I am the only girl in the picture. (the store)? no gap? I like their jeans and socks.
13.what was your best find?: this wedding dress at goodwill
14.what makes you awesome? I like to party, I am outgoing yet hard to get, i am a model, I play drums and softball.
15.why should we say yes? Because I am nice<3
16.will you be an active member? Yes i will
17.most embarrassing moment- In class one day, I got really fast and I had period mess all over my pants for the rest of the day.
18.what pisses you off more than anything else? People who dress like whores and have high voices, and people that don't like you before they know you.
19.what do you love to hate? poeple who think they are bad ass
20.what do you hate to love? girls
21.last show you attended: a ska show in Paoli, army of freshman, the domino theory, and arygles.
22.what do you like most/least about yourself? my eyes/how I can get annoying you play any instruments? if so, which one(s): Drums
24.describe yourself in lyrics: But your burden looks an awful lot like her. (blood brothers) 5 people you would fuck: Jenna jameson, tara reid, underoath(the whole band) tyson ritter, and christina agulera
26.five words to describe yourself: crazy, nice, good, pretty, funny
27.PROMOTE US TO ONE USER AND ONE COMMUNITY. POST LINKS FOR PROOF: none of my communities allow other communities in it, so.. least 3 pictures!


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