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1.NAME- shiloh
2.a/s/l- 16.GIRL.florida.
3.favorite bands- defiance ohio, pedro the lion, ghost mice, thisbikeisapipebomb, dead kennedys, soul coughing, calibretto, azure ray, bad religion, ballydowse, comeback kid, cursive, desaparecidos, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, hadji and the turbans, hepcat, johnny cash, le tigre, blaster the rocket man, mercury radio theater, mindless self indulgance, minor threat, modest mouse, norma jean, rilo kiley, screeching weasel, sorry about dresden, the black jacks, the buzzcocks, the clash, the cure, the deal, the fucking horribles, the juliana theory, the kinks, the pietasters, the queers, the ramones, the remnants, the skatalites, the smiths, the spill canvas, the yeah yeah yeahs, tom waits, toots and the maytals, travis, underoath, unwed sailor, and wu tang.

i'm sure there's more.

4.least favorite bands- i tend not to have those

5.band you’re embarrassed to like- bright eyes

6.movies- billy elliott, lock, stock and two smoking barrels, garden state, the triplettes of belleville, bright young things, love actually, fight club, almost famous, etc.

7.if you were an animal, what genus and species would you be? its been a long time since biology class. Im just gonna go with el gato.

8.what are your views on fashion? put on whatever makes you attractive. if it's not you then do it for the sake of fashion. your friends like a certain you, that's who you've got to be.

9.what are your views on bandanas? i like it when hxc girls and boys can sport them and make it all serious. but when my friends and i do it, we just look like ninja wanna bes. and i am okay with that. they are nice when you're at scout camp and you need to pull your hair back. same goes for hippies. i give bandanas a big thumbs up. they can come over and drink my beer any time.

10.coke or pepsi? neither. they are both so bad for you. im more of a chai tea person.

11.tell us a story: theres this boy named travis. he is perfect. travis is a selfish asshole. shiloh gave him everything and it still was not enough. travis moves away to tallahassee because he thinks he will be something there. shiloh is not on travis' level any more. travis is much too good for her now. travis is heartless. travis is horny. travis lets me down every damn day. i love travis.
fuck that shit. that was the worst story ever. shit son, i've got better, i swear.
New story:
if your mom ever asks you to mow the lawn, don't do it, dude. it's not such a simple task as they make it seem. i swear i almost died today...and for what? 10 measley bucks? what the fuck is that? i like to think that i value my life a little more than a pack of cigarettes, a cup of coffee, and some new sweaters at the salvation army. it's just not okay with me. luckily, the stupid thing ran out of fuel before i did. the end.

12.gap (the store)? no gap? no thnx. i have no cash and no job. and plus, salvation army is just better.

13.what was your best find?: in gap? in life? a dollar.

14.what makes you awesome? no fuckin' clue, but i do it so well.

15.why should we say yes? because you need me. this community needs to come back from the dead. plus, this shit took me over an hour to do.

16.will you be an active member? 'course, it's not like i have anything better to do anymore.

17.most embarrassing moment- i don't think i have those. i don't ever really remember feeling embarrassed. 'cept when my friends and i get drunk and i hear stories days afterward. those are pretty embarrassing. i mean, who the hell licks random older men in their 60's, drunk or sober? dude, wtf?

18.what pisses you off more than anything else? CHANGE. not being able to control sitautions. lies and the lying liars who tell them. and not finishing the books i start. selfishness.

19.what do you love to hate? jonathan parish[whiny emo boy from pensacola]

20.what do you hate to love? travis [selfish fuck head ex lover whom i still adore from tally..but you knew that]

21.last show you attended: plan-it-x fest, new orleans. fuck yeah.

22.what do you like most/least about yourself? most: my wit. my selflessness. my hair. i really like my new zit.
least: how many fucking ridiculous photos of myself i have...i mean, its just obnoxious. my selfishness. my selflessness. etc. etc. etc. etc.

23.do you play any instruments? if so, which one(s): yes. i play bass. and i really want to learn to play the banjo. yesterday i bought an accordian and i already kick ass. i've gotton twinkle twinkle little star down, mother fucker. and i own at tambourine.

24.describe yourself in lyrics: there are way too many lyrics in the world to choose from: i would like to be you, just for a few habit forming years. laziness cuts me like fine cutlery. i need a miracle someone to help me help myself. sweet jesus i need you. forgive me this sin. not hookers or heroin gambling or gin. it sounds so ridiculous but i just can't lick this.

25.name 5 people you would fuck: i haven't really thought about it, but i'm pretty sure that if i were drunk enough, i'd sleep with sick fucks like conor oberst? no. probably no one famous. & probably that shiloh girl, i hear she's an animal in bed.

26.five words to describe yourself: dependent. hurt. selfish. funny. sessy.

aye aye-
btw, hope you don't mind, but it seemed hard to promote without any banners or whatever. so i went ahead and made one. it's not great, but it'll do for now.
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you're welcome.

28.at least 3 pictures:
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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