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1.NAME- Jessy
2.a/s/l- 16/f/ohio
3.favorite bands- my chemical romance, alexisonfire, bleed the dream
4.least favorite bands- i can't stand insane clown posse... and for some reason i feel stick to my stomach every time i hear red hot chili peppers or any maroon 5 song.. i think i just don't like their voices.
5.band you’re embarrassed to like- good charlotte and blink 182.. i've liked them for so long and they have so many memories in their music now.. i remember when hardly any of my friends even heard of them. but things have changed but i still like them.
6.movies- the matrix (sucker for sci-fi), edward scissorhands (anything depp), detroit rock city... it just cracks me up.
7.if you were an animal, what genus and species would you be? Spheniscus magillanicus.. also known as a penguin
8.what are your views on fashion? expessing yourself through clothes is great.. i don't really judge people based on their clothes of "fashion" but i do believe the public in general will judge you upon your appearance and clothes no matter what..so might as put a little bit of me into my fashion.
9.what are your views on bandanas? i have every color bandana under the sun... my mom always wore them under her helmet when she went riding on her harley. haha. she always bought me the same ones when i was little. as far as the whole gang related thing with the bandanas.. idk. didn't have to worry bout that here in Mineral Ridge Ohio.
10.coke or pepsi? i'm not really a fan of any dark soda.
11.tell us a story: My grandmother has a cocker spaniel named Taffy. She had really bad breath. We took her to the vet's for a check up. They said all her teeth were rotten, and needed pulled. So they pulled him. She is now toothless, but her breath no longer smells. The End.
12.gap (the store)? no gap? no gap.. I could probably get pretty similar clothes for cheaper somewhere else.
13.what was your best find?: Well.. not quite sure what you mean by the question.. but my best find.. as in.. something i found. would be the strong friendship and bond i have with my two best friends sam and tori. i don't know what i'd do without them.
14.what makes you awesome? my personality and humor
15.why should we say yes? because you know you want to ;-). haha just kidding, uhm. well.. i'm a nice person, and i'm showing it as it is..
16.will you be an active member? sure.. im' pretty much addicted to livejournal/myspace.. so i'll probably be on everyday haha.
17.most embarrassing moment- well.. the first one that comes to mind is one time a long time ago when i was younger.. my grandpa always had a camcorder in his hand.. he taped pretty much every moment of my childhood. and I remember one specific day at an amusement park he was recording.. and my grandmother dressed me in "stretchy shorts" that had green flowers on them. (i was only about 4). and i remember they always rode up and gave me huge wedgies!. And when I thought no one was looking... i rid myself of the wedgie. Haha. and wouldn't you know.. my grandpa was taping me doing the entire thing and they watch it and make fun of it.. and threaten to play it at my graduation party when i graduate. oh dear.
18.what pisses you off more than anything else? when people think they are better than someone else because of money, looks, clothes ect.
19.what do you love to hate? bubblegum.. the look on people's faces when i say i don't like bubblegum is priceless.
20.what do you hate to love? well... i love harry potter books and movies.. people loveee to make fun of me because i guess it just doesn't match me that well. but oh well. i like it. deal with it. haha.
21.last show you attended: well... not sure if you mean movie or concert.. so i'll tell ya both. the last movie i saw was Hide and Seek.. which was pretty good except for some boring parts.. and the last concert I saw was From First To Last, Scatter The Ashes, Motion City Soundtrack and Matchbook Romance.. it was great.
22.what do you like most/least about yourself? I like my humor.. because I love to make people laugh and I like my hair.. I dislike mostly everything else. Haha.
23.do you play any instruments? if so, which one(s): oh dear.. I play guitar, flute and saxophone the best.. I also play trumpet and my newest yet least liked instrument is the bassoon.. I was sort of talked into playing it because my friend didn't want to be the only person playing it in band. I'm just too nice.
24.describe yourself in lyrics: "Thunderstorms could never stop me" --From First To Last "Emily"... I'm determined and i'll work for something that I want.
25.name 5 people you would fuck: gerard way from my chemical romance any place any time, johnny depp, matt good of from first to last, and elijah wood and his big blue eyes.
26.five words to describe yourself: silly, weird, unique, friendly, funny
user: http://www.livejournal.com/users/_polkadotkill/8902.html
community: http://www.livejournal.com/community/____hotxdamn/7872.html
28.at least 3 pictures!
yea.. i took that with a light shining in my face and the flash on.. and it made me really pale and my eyes really bright haha. i thought it was neat looking
taken after 12 hours of hard sleep
i don't know why i put a heart next to my eye. haha. oh well.

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I hate MCR...and I love the fact that MTV has exploited them
I dont like really any of your bands :-/

Your hair looks cool in the second pic though

I like the cocker spaniel story

Hmmmm I think we need a second opinion
Ok, I know this is way out there---

But do you smile? I know funny people make other people laugh. Laughing = smiling. WHY DOES NO ONE SMILE ANYMORE?!?!?!
you're cute.
but you look the same in all of your pictures.
i really like that second picture, but im just getting a no vibe.

"i dont really judge"

Yes and i dont really have a penis its just there.