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1.NAME- Kayla 
2.a/s/l- 16/f/ontario, canada
3.favorite bands- alexisonfire, his infernal majesty, leftover crack, the killers, the new york dolls, afireinside, brand new, operation ivy, gwen stefani/no doubt, my chemical romance, the unicorns
4.least favorite bands- three days grace, yellowcard, nickelback, atreyu 
5.band you’re embarrassed to like- simple plan. im sorry.

6.movies- fight club, dazed and confused, haggard 
7.if you were an animal, what genus and species would you be? koala bears cause theyre the cutest fucking things ever. 
8.what are your views on fashion? although i have no fashion sense myself, people who know how to dress individually but with hella style really impress me.
9.what are your views on bandanas? i think its cute when kids wear bandanas over their faces and go hardcore dancing.
10.coke or pepsi? pepsi
11.tell us a story: once i was in a shoe store downtown, and the winner of canadian idol walked in and i was all o-m-g youre kalan porter and he was all yea...and then he helped me pick shoes. im sorry im canadian nothing exciting happens to us.
12.gap (the store)? no gap? no gap, i dont have that kind of cash flow.
13.what was your best find?: i found two hot ny dolls shirts for only 10$
14.what makes you awesome? im the only brown kid in my town. swear on my life.
15.why should we say yes? because i make dry sarcastic remarks and somehow people find that entertaining.
16.will you be an active member? of course, its cold here computers become my best friend in the winter.
17.most embarrassing moment- so i was so out of it at a concert and im just getting the shit kick out of me in a pit and eventually i fall out of it. im lying on the ground and this sexyasfuck guy comes up to me and asks me if id lost my shoe. it took me 5 minutes to decide whether or not i was actually wearing shoes and i finally said 'im pretty sure im wearing both my shoes but youre really cute so maybe ill loose my shoe so you can help me' and then he laughed and walked away. how sad.  
18.what pisses you off more than anything else? racists, homophobics and stupid people.
19.what do you love to hate? famous people.
20.what do you hate to love? pop punk.
21.last show you attended: funeral for a friend/taking back sunday/atreyu. bands appear in my order of preference.
22.what do you like most/least about yourself? most-my bright motherfuckin eyes, and my sense of humor.

least-my lack of selfcontrol.
23.do you play any instruments? if so, which one(s): guitar, bass, piano, clarinet. maybe i like music a little bit.  
24.describe yourself in lyrics: 'let's be honest, you know you shouldnt bother. because with me its impossible to win'-sidewalk when she walks-alexisonfire
25.name 5 people you would fuck: david desrosiers of simple plan(whatever im into skinny guys and hes french canadian), jude law, brandon flowers, devon soltendieck(muchmusic vj), bam margera, conor oberst.
26.five words to describe yourself: dry, small, a.d.d, trendy, moldable.



28.at least 3 pictures!

i look a little drunk/confused.


im not sure.


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