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1.NAME- Lucy

2.a/s/l- 16/female/canada

3.favorite bands- relient k, dead poetic, further seems forever, underoath, living sacrifice, mourning september, kids in the way, mewithoutyou, story of the year, straylight run.

4.least favorite bands-evanesence, simple plan, yellowcard, green day, LILLIX.

5.band you’re embarrassed to like- barlow girl... *looks around*

6.movies- xmen 2, league of extraordinary gentlemen, two weeks notice, finding forrester, lilo and stitch, napoleon dynamite.

7.if you were an animal, what genus and species would you be? i would be a swan and id be cool.

8.what are your views on fashion? i like wearing things that other people are too wuss to. i absolutely LOVE rainbows... and ill wear rainbow socks, even thought people give me bad looks. also, im not afraid to wear american eagle and be called a "preppy". labels are dumb.

9.what are your views on bandanas? hahahah doo-rags.

10.coke or pepsi? coke.

11.tell us a story: well... i was playing with the water in the fountain at the mall... and i got kicked out. and my future boyfriend was there to watch me get pulled over by the lanky security guards. -.-

12.gap (the store)? no gap? i like gap pants only when its boxing day sales. im one of those crazy mofos who get up at the crack of dawn to get 20 dollar pants. (that would be canadian prices btw hahah)

13.what was your best find?: 10 dollar pleated pants at the gap.

14.what makes you awesome? i love dancing. even in the middle of my ghetto hallway.

15.why should we say yes? cause i can make kraft dinner and sing you to sleep

16.will you be an active member? heck YUS

17.most embarrassing moment- tripping and falling on my face EVERYWHERE. also doing my "booty" dance with my friend in front of a lot of people who i didnt think were watching.

18.what pisses you off more than anything else? guys telling you they "like" you online. completely retarded.

19.what do you love to hate? green day. BAHAHAHA im such a rebel. *looks around*

20.what do you hate to love? BOYS. yusss

21.last show you attended: -.- OKAY FINE. it was gc and it was GOOD. thats right.

22.what do you like most/least about yourself? i dont like how i take too much crap for everyone, i tend to put myself way behind everyone else. i like how i can befriend everyone, and make everyone feel loved and happy. (even teachers... hah)

23.do you play any instruments? if so, which one(s): i LIVE for my clarinet. i play it non stop and i do band and clarinet ensemble at school.

24.describe yourself in lyrics:
I carry on, I carry all the weight of empty promise
As I stand swallowed by the light
Flickering above the highway
I hold my head and know the streets are mine tonight.
half a week before the winter - vanessa carlton

25.name 5 people you would fuck: hmmm... matt theissen (from relient k), john mayer, brandon rike (dead poetic), tobey macguire, clay aiken... *looks around* i know. im a creep.

26.five words to describe yourself: introvert. artistic. loving. faithful. colourful. alive.




28.at least 3 pictures!

thats me on the right, and beside me are my bestest friend EVER lizanator.. and joey.

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